Chat With Traders Interview Larry Alintoff

Radio Interview with Larry Alintoff


Traders’ opportunity—when things that “should” happen, don’t happen w/ Larry Alintoff

Larry Alintoff was a prop trader for Paul Tudor Jones, before running the largest group of traders on the AMEX (at the time). When he later went over to the NYBOT, Larry became the largest trader in the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice pit, and now days, he’s CIO of The Toro Fund.

During this episode, we cover; the thing which helped Larry to become consistent, why there’s great opportunity in knowing when things that “should” happen, don’t happen, and how he’s been able to successfully apply a similar trading style from the floor to the screens. Plus, how a market obsession has carried him this far…

Topics of discussion:

  • How the ’87 crash triggered Larry’s interest in trading, how he begun using “pressure points” to enter positions, and what helped him to become consistent.
  • Larry speaks about how he got the opportunity to trade capital for Paul Tudor Jones, and later, run the largest group of traders on the floor of the AMEX.
  • Why much of Larry’s trading revolves around fundamental catalysts and market behavior; when things that “should” happen, don’t happen. (Two case studies!)
  • How Larry’s passion and obsession for trading is largely responsible for carrying him this far, and what things have remained unchanged for the past 30-years.